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500+ Words Essay on Newspaper in english

Introduction : A newspaper is the most powerful media of mass information and communication. It is known as the mirror of a nation as it prints the social, political, cultural, economical, and religious activities of a nation.

The word NEWS is made up of four letters N, E, W, and S. N stands for North, E stands for East, W stands for West and S stands for South. So, a newspaper is a paper that collects news from all four directions and prints them.

History of Newspaper : China was the first country to publish newspapers in the 16th century. The Samachar Darpan ‘ was the first newspaper in Bengali. It was published by the missioneries of Shreerampur.

Various Types : There are different kinds of newspapers. They are the dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies, monthlies, periodicals, etc. The daily newspaper is the most prominent. Newspapers give us news, views and different kinds of advertisement. They contain articles on politics, literature, art, music, films, education, games, and sports.

Usefulness : Nowadays, general knowledge is an essential part of education. Newspapers are the best means for acquiring such knowledge. They can give us a clear idea of the current events in the country and the world. Newspapers express public opinion and the grievances of the people. They also form public opinion. A person who does not read newspapers is like one shut up in a closed door. We may have the radio and the television today, but they do not give us detailed information as the newspaper does. In fact, a newspaper is rightly called the mirror of the world.

The Role of Newspapers in our Daily Life : Newspapers play an important role in our daily life. We can not start our daily life without reading a newspaper at our breakfast – table. Readers of every age group always find something interesting in them. They have short – stories, comics, cartoons, advertisements, sports news, and various news reports. That is why we eagerly wait for the arrival of our newspapers daily.

Media of Information and Education : A newspaper is the most powerful media of mass information and education. Newspapers collect news from every corner of the world and give us informations about all the national and international events. They give us informations about the latest developments in the fields of Politics, Agriculture, Industries, Economics, Arts, Culture, Science, Sports, and Cinema. We can learn a lot of new things by reading them regularly.

Role of Newspapers in Democracy : Newspapers play a very important role for the survival and progress of democracy. They act as a fourth column of democracy. They keep an eye on every activity of the government and inform us about them. They help us to raise our voices against any corruption in our political and social life . They help us to fight against social – evils, injustice, and corruption. They inspire us to take part in various social and political reformation movements. They teach us the lessons of social unity, communal harmon, and nationality.

Conclusion : A newspaper is a very powerful weapon so it must be handled with great honesty and responsibility. It must not be allowed to spread rumours.
Newspapers are very essential for the proper working of a democracy. So they must be kept free, fearless, bold, and duty-bound.

Newspaper Essay in English 10 lines

  • Most of us newspaper have had the habit of reading.
  • This had become a part of our daily routine.
  • Everybody wants to know what is happening in the world.
  • And the newspaper helps them fulfill it.
  • India has First newspaper in 1780ad.
  • Now we have a newspaper in different languages.
  • Some newspapers are daily and some are weekly.
  • Newspapers give us the day-to-day News of the world.
  • So they are useful to one and all.
  • They educate the public in a lot of ways.

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