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My hobby essay Introduction

Introduction : A hobby is the best form of recreation to the mind and the body. A hobby is a work that we adopt to pass our spare time happily. A hobby is never a regular work. It is a work that we do for our fun and pleasure. A hobby keeps us busy in our spare time. Hobbies help us to spend our leisure time profitably and pleasantly. It gives us a change from the routine of our professional work. It keeps a person active , busy and happy. 

There are various kinds of hobbies singing , dancing , reading , writing , swimming and collecting stamps and coins are some of the popular hobbies. 

My Hobby : I love gardening very much and so gardening is my favourite hobby. I am a lover of nature and so I love to spend my spare time in my garden. 

I have developed a beautiful garden in the back yard of my garden. I grow different kinds of flowering plants like roses and marygold in my garden. I have planted some fruit trees also in my garden. I also grow some of the vegetables that we need.

How I Follow My Hobby : I get up early in the morning every day. Then I go to my garden to spend sometime there. At first I sweep the garden and throw away the dry leaves , branches and plants. Then I water the plants. This keeps the garden beautiful . Sometimes I dig up the soil and prepare some new nursary beds . Then I sow seeds in them. When the nursary plants grow up I uproot them and transplant them in the flower beds. 

The Joy of Gardening : Working in my garden makes me very happy. The cool and fresh air of the morning recharges my energy. The morning songs of the birds fills my heart with great pleasure. The sight of the dancing flowers and bright green leaves , flying and fluttering butter flies and honey – bees refreshes my eyes. My garden is full of beautiful flowers. The flowers of different colours add beauty to my garden. Most of the flowers begin to blossom at night and a pleasant fragrance spreads everywhere. I find time to be in the garden to enjoy the cool breeze carrying pleasant fragrance.

Advantages of Gardening : My hobby has come as a blessing to me and my family. I grow various kinds of flowers and vegetables. So we get a regular supply of fresh and tasty vegetables throughout the year. We also get a regular supply of beautiful flower for our home – temple. In this way gardening helps us to save a lot of money. 

My hobby gives me mental and bodily relaxation. Whenever I am tired, I go to my garden and stand in the midst of blooming flowers. The sweet fragrance of the flowers fills my nostrils and I feel active again. My hobby gives me pleasure and physical exercise.

I love my hobby and I am proud of it.

My hobby essay 10 lines

  • My hobby is Gardening. 
  • I love nature and it makes me happy.
  • I have made a beautiful garden in front of MY house. 
  • There are many beautiful flowers like roses , Lillies etc. 
  • I have arrange the plants one after another.
  • Gardening helps me to be relaxed and refreshed.
  • I water my plants daily in the evening.
  • I clean my garden every Sunday.
  • Our family spend some time in the garden every morning.
  • Gardening includes watering , clipping , and cutting the bushes and dense growth whenever necessary.

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