Ncert Class 10 English book pdf Download 2024-25

Cbse Class 10 english book pdf Download: Class 10 english book First Flight pdf download: Class 10 english book Footprints without Feet pdf download

Ncert Class 10 English book pdf Download 2024–25 The NCERT English textbook for Class 10 is a gateway to the diverse world of English literature, offering students a chance to delve into a variety of texts that not only enhance their language skills but also broaden their understanding of different cultures and perspectives. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to the developmental needs of students, fostering critical thinking and expression.

Ncert class 10 english book pdf Download

First Flight: A Journey through Prose and Poetry First Flight, the main coursebook, is a collection of finely curated pieces that resonate with the experiences of adolescence, the spirit of adventure, and the values of courage and empathy. The chapters are as follows: A Letter to God – A poignant tale of faith and hope. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom – An inspiring autobiography of a leader’s journey.

Two Stories about Flying – A section that celebrates the wonder of flight. From the Diary of Anne Frank – Insights into the life of a young girl during tumultuous times. Glimpses of India – A picturesque portrayal of India’s diversity. Mijbil the Otter – An endearing story of companionship. Madam Rides the Bus – A young girl’s adventurous bus ride. The Sermon at Benares – The teachings of Lord Buddha. The Proposal – A satirical play by Anton Chekhov.

Footprints without Feet: An Anthology of Intriguing Narratives : The supplementary reader, Footprints without Feet, presents a collection of stories that are both engaging and thought-provoking. The chapters include: A Triumph of Surgery – A humorous veterinary case. The Thief’s Story – A tale of trust and redemption. The Midnight Visitor – A suspenseful espionage adventure.

A Question of Trust – A story that explores the concept of integrity. Footprints without Feet – A scientific mystery. The Making of a Scientist – The journey of a passionate young mind. The Necklace – A classic tale of vanity and consequence. Bholi – A heartwarming story of a girl’s transformation. The Book That Saved the Earth – A futuristic play with a humorous twist.

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Each piece in the textbook is carefully selected to leave a lasting impact on the reader, encouraging them to explore the depths of the English language and the richness of its literature. The Class 10 NCERT English textbook is not just an academic requirement; it is a treasure trove of knowledge that helps shape the minds and hearts of young learners.

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