NCERT Class 12 Sociology Book pdf in English 2024-2025 All Chapters, PDF Download

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Class 12 Sociology Book pdf in English: class 12 sociology book ncert

Class 12 Sociology Book pdf in English Sociology, as a field of inquiry, seeks to understand the social dynamics that shape human interactions and institutions. The Class 12 NCERT Sociology book is a comprehensive resource that introduces students to the complexities of Indian society and the various forces of social change and development within it. The book is divided into two parts: ‘Indian Society’ and ‘Social Change and Development in India’, each comprising several chapters that delve into specific sociological concepts.

class 12 sociology book pdf

It is divided into two parts: ‘Indian Society’ and ‘Social Change and Development in India’. ‘Indian Society’ covers: 1. Introducing Indian Society: This chapter sets the stage for understanding the unique aspects of Indian society. 2. The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society: It examines the population dynamics and their implications. 3. Social Institutions: Continuity and Change: This chapter explores the enduring nature and transformation of social institutions.

4. The Market as a Social Institution: It looks at the market and its role as a social institution. 5. Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion: This chapter discusses the various forms of social inequality and exclusion prevalent in India. 6. The Challenges of Cultural Diversity: It addresses the rich cultural diversity and the challenges it poses. 7. Suggestions for Project Work

‘Social Change and Development in India’ includes: 1. Structural Change: This chapter analyses the shifts in social structures over time. 2. Cultural Change: It focuses on the changes in cultural practices and symbols. 3. The Constitution and Social Change: This chapter discusses the role of the Indian Constitution in guiding social change. 4. Change and Development in Rural Society: It examines the transformations in India’s rural landscape.

5. Change and Development in Industrial Society: This chapter looks at the industrial sector and its social implications. 6. Globalisation and Social Change: It explores the impact of globalisation on Indian society. 7. Mass Media and Communications: This chapter delves into the role of mass media and communication in social change. Each chapter provides insightful analysis and case studies, helping students to understand the dynamic and evolving nature of society. 8. Social Movements: rounds off the discussion by exploring the various social movements that have emerged in response to social inequalities and injustices.

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