Ncert Class 8 Political Science Book pdf in English 2024-25

Ncert Class 8 Civics book pdf in english 2024-25: Cbse Class 8 Political Science Ncert Book pdf 2024-25

Ncert Class 8 Political Science Book pdf in English 2024-25 The Class 8 NCERT Political Science book, also known as “Social and Political Life III,” is an essential resource designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of political science and civics. This book aims to provide young learners with a comprehensive understanding of the political and social structures that govern their lives, emphasizing the importance of active citizenship, democracy, and social justice.

Chapter 1: The Indian Constitution The first chapter provides an introduction to the Indian Constitution, outlining its significance as the supreme law of the land. It discusses the framing of the Constitution, the Preamble, and the fundamental rights and duties enshrined in it. This chapter highlights the values of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity that underpin the Constitution, encouraging students to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens of India.

Chapter 2: Understanding Secularism In this chapter, students learn about the concept of secularism and its importance in a diverse country like India. The chapter explains how the Indian state maintains a separation between religion and government, ensuring that all religions are treated equally. It also discusses the challenges to secularism and the measures taken to uphold it, promoting the idea of religious tolerance and coexistence.

Chapter 3: Parliament and the Making of Laws This chapter explains the necessity of a parliamentary system in a democracy. It covers the structure and functioning of the Indian Parliament, including the roles of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. The chapter highlights the legislative process, the importance of debates and discussions, and the role of MPs in representing the people. It emphasizes the significance of having a platform where laws are made and public issues are addressed.

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Chapter 4: Judiciary This chapter delves into the judicial system of India, explaining its structure, functions, and significance. It covers the hierarchy of courts, from the Supreme Court to the lower courts, and the role of the judiciary in delivering justice. The chapter also discusses the concepts of judicial review and independence of the judiciary, highlighting the importance of an impartial and fair judicial system in upholding the rule of law.

Chapter 5: Understanding Marginalization In this chapter, students learn about the concept of marginalization and its impact on various communities in India. It discusses the social, economic, and political factors that lead to the marginalization of certain groups, including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and religious minorities. The chapter highlights the importance of inclusion, equality, and affirmative action in addressing marginalization and promoting social justice.

Chapter 6: Confronting Marginalization Following the discussion on marginalization, this chapter focuses on the measures and strategies to confront and overcome it. It covers the constitutional provisions, laws, and policies aimed at protecting the rights of marginalized communities. The chapter also discusses the role of social movements and civil society in advocating for the rights and dignity of marginalized groups, encouraging students to support and participate in efforts towards social justice.

Chapter 7: Public Facilities This chapter addresses the importance of public facilities such as water, healthcare, education, and sanitation, and the role of the government in providing these essential services. It discusses the challenges in ensuring equitable access to public facilities and the impact of their availability on the quality of life. The chapter emphasizes the need for government accountability and citizen participation in improving public services.

Chapter 8: Law and Social Justice The final chapter explores the relationship between law and social justice, highlighting the role of laws in addressing social inequalities and protecting vulnerable populations. It covers various laws enacted to promote social justice, such as labor laws, consumer protection laws, and environmental laws. The chapter underscores the importance of legal frameworks in achieving a just and equitable society.

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