Dry Fruits Name

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Dry Fruits Name – List of a Dry Fruits Name in Hindi and English with Dry Fruits Picture

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits is fruit that has had almost all of the water content removed through drying methods. The fruit shrinks during this process, leaving a small, energy-dense dried fruit. Raisins are the most common type, followed by dates, prunes, figs and apricots.

Dry Fruits Name

100 Dry Fruits Name in english and hindi with Dry Fruits images , all dry fruits name

10 dry fruits name

Dry fruits name in EnglishDry fruits name in HindiDry fruits images
Cantaloupe Seedsखरबूज के बीज
Cashew nutकाजू

20 dry fruits name

Dry fruits name in EnglishDry fruits name in HindiDry fruits images
Basil seedsचिया के बीज
Black Raisinsकला किशमिश
Black Walnutकाला अखरोट
Brazil Nutsत्रिकोणफल
Corn Nutभुना मकई
Dry Appleसूखा सेब
Dry Bananaसूखा केला
Dry California figसूखी कैलीफोर्निया अंजीर
Dry cherriesसूखी चेरी
Dry Datesछुहारे
Dry Figअंजीर
Dry Gojiगोजी जामुन
Dry Kiwiसूखी कीवी
Dry Mangoसूखा आम
Dry Mission figसूखी मिशन अंजीर
Dry Nectarinesसूखा अमृत
Dry Orangeसूखा संतरा

15 dry fruits name

Dry fruits name in EnglishDry fruits name in HindiDry fruits images
Dry Papayaसूखा पपीता
Dry Pearsसूखा नाशपाती
Dry Peachसूखा आड़ू
Dry Pineappleसूखा अनानास
Dry Plumसूखा बेर
Dry Strawberryसूखी स्ट्रोबेरी
Pine Nutsचिलगोजा
Poppy Seedsखसखस
Prunesसूखा आलूबुखारा
Pumpkin seedsकद्दू के बीज
Sesame Seedsतिल के बीज
Soya Nutsसोयाबीन के बीज

5 dry fruits name

Dry fruits name in EnglishDry fruits name in HindiDry fruits images
Sultana currantमुनक्का
Sunflower Seedsसूरजमुखी के बीज
flax seedsअलसी का बीज
Sugar candyमिस्री
Watermelon Seedsतरबूज के बीज
Lotus Seeds Popमखाना
Peanuts मूंगफली, मूंगफली

Dry Fruits Name with their Scientific Names

Dry Fruits NameScientific Names
Almond – बादामPrunus dulcis
Apricot – खुबानीPrunus armeniaca
Betel-Nut – सुपारीAreca catechu
Cantaloupe Seeds – खरबूजे के बीजCucumis melo var. Cantalupo
Cashew nut – काजूAnacardium occidentale
Chestnut – शाहबलूतCastanea alnifolia
Cudpahnut – चिरौंजीBuchanania lanzan
Coconut – नाररयलCocos nucifera
Dates Dried – छुहाराPhoenix dactylifera
Dried Figs – अंजीरFicus carica
Flax seeds – अलसीLinum usitatissimum
Groundnuts – मूंगफलीArachis hypogaea
Lotus Seeds Pop – मखानाEuryale ferox
Pine Nut – चिलगोजाPinus
Pistachio – पपस्ताPistacia vera
Prunes – सूखा आलूबुखाराPrunus subg. Prunus
Pumpkin Seeds – कद्दू के बीजCucurbita maxima
Raisins – ककशममशVitis vinifera
Saffron – केसरCrocus sativus
Sesame Seeds – ततल के बीजSesamum indicum
Sultana Raisins – मुनक्काVitis vinifera
Walnuts – अखरोट WalnutsJuglans regia
Watermelon Seeds – तरबूज के बीजCitrullus lanatus

Dry Fruits Names in English with Details


  • Its is good health food
  • We get Vitamin from it
  • We get minerals from it
  • it keeps us healthy


  • It is a good dry fruit
  • From outside it is very hard
  • From inside it is very soft
  • We get oil from it
  • It gives us calcium and vitamin


  • We get potassium from it
  • We get magnesium from it
  • Dry apricots are of orange colour


  • It is very tasty and crunchy
  • We get protein from it
  • We get oil from it
  • Children’s love to eat peanuts.


  • It has a hard shell
  • It help us to develop our health
  • We must take one walnut everyday


  • It is very tasty
  • It is hard from outside
  • It is soft from inside
  • It is of green color


  • Its is rich in Vitamin, Iron and Calcium
  • It is brown in color
  • It is a desert fruit
  • It is rich in minerals


  • It is good source of Vitamins.
  • It is good for our health
  • It is very tasty


  • It is very sweet and tasty
  • It is low in fat
  • We should eat Raisin every morning


  • It is very good for health
  • It is good source of fiber it has low fat.


  • Good source of fat
  • Good source of protein
  • It is good source of minerals
  • Its outer shell is hard
  • It is soft from inside


  • It is rich source of Iron
  • It is good source of Zinc
  • It is rich in Magnesium

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